5 steps to create a strong brand identity in Dubai

Posted by John Watkinson on 25 November 2015


Hi Folks,

A strong brand identity, what does that really mean? Is it the name of the brand? Or is it who you are as a brand? For instance take the name John; John is such a common name, yet my DNA and personality are unique to myself, and in turn how I am perceived by my friends, my family and acquaintances. Similarly, there are numerous brands in the market. Yet who your brand is,how it positions itself and interacts with the consumers is based solely on what I like to call the big idea.

The big idea is the DNA and personality of your company. It is what drives all visual and brand cues. To create this strong brand identity and bring forward the big idea to your consumer's mind requires time, patience and more importantly a positive synergy between the company and its branding agency.


1) Inception – Think about this as the getting to know each other phase. You don’t know much about your agency and your agency doesn’t know much about you. This is a chance to establish credentials, look at costings and how you can add value to each other, then decide whether you want to work with each other.

2) Immersion – This begins with a kick-off meeting between the branding agency and the company. It is where the branding agency gains valuable insight that only the company can provide and immerses itself into the company's “reason” thoroughly. Here we will understand your competition, your clients, your position in the market and develop your brand strategy or big idea. Ideally an agency will present this big idea to you before any design work is done, as they will want to make sure they have understood you entirely before they start the design stage.

3) Innovation – Now that the big idea has been established, you can expect your branding agency to go back to their studio, brainstorm, innovate and finally develop a number of concepts or designs derived from the big idea. Each concept will align to the big idea and should tell a story, so that you have a strong and stable brand whichever route your company chooses. When done properly this process can take up to three weeks to ensure you receive the value you require and when we talk about a concept this showcases examples of application and is not simply a half baked logo design.

4) Implementation – Once the concept has been selected, the marketing collateral will then be created. This could include the company stationery suite (document headers, business cards etc.), communication tools, like brochures, or direct mailersdesign, or items of convenience, like bags, or product packaging etc. All of this contributes to the feeling, the emotions, the consistency, the joy, the love, the visual niceties, the sense of belonging that the consumer will experience when they interact with your brand. 

5) Invasion – The only thing left is to invade the market to bring the big idea to the forefront of the consumers mind. This can be done through the website, social media, public relations, video and print media - it’s how we communicate your brand.
While creating a strong brand identity is an intricate and important process, it is important to realise that it is in fact only the first stage. Once the brand is created, it is equally important to manage it and nurture its growth consistently so as to build brand trust and loyalty.

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