27 September 2017

How Much Does a New Logo Cost?

 A logo is a key element of a brand’s identity, however it’s only a small part of your overall brand. It can be creative, fun, business-like, and tell a story without actually having to tell your story. A good logo, adds value to your brand’s creative expression and is usually the first thing a customer or potential customer sees.
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20 September 2017

How to Choose the Right Colour Palette for ...

 We typically find that businesses choose their colours based on the owner’s and marketing teams’ personal preferences. As a branding agency in Dubai we strongly believe that there needs to be more to it than just picking the colour you like. Ideally, your colour will align closely with your brand strategy and ‘personality’. Care and ...
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17 September 2017

The Importance of Brand Guardianship

Many companies operate without an understanding of the concept of brand guardianship, or even who the guardians of the brand should be. Learn how your can implement these basic principles in your organization in order to strengthen your brand and reaffirm your principles.
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16 September 2017

Brand identity Creation. Will branding ...

A little secret that many business owners forget is that your brand should be at the centre of everything you do. Every design element, every marketing decision, how you assist customers, how you connect with people, how you employ, even which products to purchase; it all stems from your brand.
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13 September 2017

How branding adds value to your business

Developing a brand takes time and a great deal of effort. You need to figure out exactly who your company and its customers are, and what you stand for. You need to standardise communications, templates, logos, colour schemes, and more. Because this is a large task it can also come with an associated price tag and as a result  many ...
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15 March 2017

What is a Brand Guideline?

Many companies know how important developing a strong brand is, but not everybody knows how to maintain one. A great way to ensure brand consistency is by taking the time to develop a brand guideline. Below, we will discuss exactly what that means and why it’s important: What is a Brand Guideline? A brand guideline, also commonly ...
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14 March 2017

5 Signs your Brand identity is Out of Date

At Joie Brands, one of the best branding agencies in Dubai, we believe in making brands more approachable and human. Is your brand making you money? It’s a tough question.
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30 March 2016

Why logo is important in brand design?

It’s no secret that good logo design is crucial for creating impactful branding. When people are able to recognise your brand by simply looking at a visual representation (your logo), you can be confident that you have been successful in creating a brand that is prominent in the marketplace. While it is important to understand that a ...
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17 March 2016

How to build a strong corporate identity ...

The last decade has been one of the most lucrative for Dubai and as a result also for many locally based businesses. If your business is flourishing, or you are just starting out, you should be looking to build a strong corporate brand identity to push your company’s growth potential even further. 
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06 March 2016

How much do branding agencies in Dubai ...

 The first question when you are looking to create a brand for your business is ‘how to find a good brand design agency in Dubai?’ However the second thought that often comes to mind takes priority and becomes the deal breaker for many, namely ’how much do branding agencies in Dubai charge?’ There are many branding agencies in Dubai all ...
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16 December 2015

common branding misconceptions and the ...

I often get asked ‘why is a brand important?’ The answer is everywhere you look  - from well known coffee houses, to airlines and companies that bring you that latest must have gadget.  Brands are all around us, but I believe the real question is ‘why is what lies beneath the brand important?’
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25 November 2015

5 steps to create a strong brand identity ...

Hi Folks, A strong brand identity, what does that really mean? Is it the name of the brand? Or is it who you are as a brand? For instance take the name John;
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11 November 2015

BRANDING AGENCY IN DUBAI: Is a brand more ...

Hi Folks This topic is really close to my heart; it resonates deeply with what we, at Joie design - a branding agency in Dubai, believe in. I cannot stress enough on the importance of branding. So naturally, when it comes down to it, I am very particular about it. Branding when done right, is like pure magic; yet there is a common ...
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08 November 2015

Celebrity Endorsements: Finding The Right ...

Hi Folks, As Emirates recently celebrated its 30th birthday, I decided to take a look at their latest Youtube advert with ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston, and take a closer look at celebrity brand endorsement.
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04 November 2015

5 key questions to ask your branding ...

Hi Folks Finding a branding agency in Dubai for your company can be quite a lot like looking for an apartment; so many requirements to fit into one house. But many a time our clients have come to us disheartened with their previous agency, not really understanding how a branding agency can help elevate their business. So I’ve listed out ...
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28 October 2015

An Apple a day keeps the competitors away

Hi folks,     Today I want to talk about Apple. Apple were recently voted as Dubai’s no 1 brand, which is no mean feat considering they are only opening their first M.E. stores tomorrow (MOE, Dubai and Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi). Now here is an example of branding done right!
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21 October 2015

Dubai or Abu Dhabi based company? How to ...

Hi Folks Ever wonder why branding is so important? To fully realise the impact and the omnipresence of branding, take a look around. From cities, to cars and public transport, to shoes, to hair and nail products - everything is branded; some poorly and others magnificently. Which one do you remember and admire? There is no doubt that ...
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07 October 2015

Branding agency in Dubai - What is the ...

Determining cost for branding is always a tricky affair, but to better understand how it is done let me paint you a scenario. Imagine heading inside a shoe store and asking the assistant there, ‘how much do shoes cost?’ The assistant would ask you what type of shoes you are looking for: party shoes, work shoes, or regular shoes. She ...
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21 September 2015

A little introduction...

Hi everybody. A little introduction is in order and we are never afraid to go first. I am John and we are Joie Design (pronounced ‘zwa’ design). I could write for hours about us and why we are so good at what we do and why you would want to work with us, but we value efficiency and so I will tell you about 4 things that we value:
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