BRANDING AGENCY IN DUBAI: Is a brand more than a logo? Thoughts from a branding agency in Dubai

Posted by John Watkinson on 11 November 2015

Hi Folks

This topic is really close to my heart; it resonates deeply with what we, at Joie design - a branding agency in Dubai, believe in. I cannot stress enough on the importance of branding. So naturally, when it comes down to it, I am very particular about it. Branding when done right, is like pure magic; yet there is a common misconception that surrounds branding that often confuses a brand with just a logo.

So at the risk of being repetitive, let’s delve right into it and talk about branding and what it really means.

What is a Brand?

To start with, I think the question in itself is inadequate. The question should be, who is a brand? Yes, you read that correctly. Because in the process of branding, in my experience, it is infinitely better to imagine a person instead. One thing you do is give the person a name – perhaps in our case this could be a logo. But there is more to it than that. For starters, figuring out this person’s gender, nature, behaviour, how they talk, walk, what does this person eat?  What makes them smile or laugh? What vibe does this person send out? When thinking about this person, what feelings/emotions would people associate with them?

That is a brand - the interaction of a business with the consumer at every level and sense. The heart of the business -  the personality of the business. The name or the logo or the colours used are just a part of the visual representation of the business. Just like how you can’t judge a book by its cover. You cannot send a cover out to market only. You would want to work on the book, the cover and the chapters within the book in its entirety first. That is what branding is. It looks at your brand in its entirety and then designs the elements. This is branding, and this is what your branding agency in Dubai should do for you.

So a logo is not a brand.Think of it this way, even when you do not remember the title of a book, you still remember the story.

Creating a Brand

As you can see, it is not easy to create a brand. The brand should be recognisable even without its logo and with the competition in the market being severe, a lot goes into creating the brand. This is where a strong relationship between your company and your branding agency is crucial. Together, the company and the agency, have to understand the essence or the “big idea” of the company, so as to create it’s personality. Even when that is done, there is a lot of nurturing required. It is a lot like raising a child; with both the parents working together to the best of their abilities. Similarly, a branding agency in Dubai should works tirelessly for your business, as your partner in order to put your best side forward always.

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