13 September 2017

How branding adds value to your business

Developing a brand takes time and a great deal of effort. You need to figure out exactly who your company and its customers are, and what you stand for. You need to standardise communications, templates, logos, colour schemes, and more. Because this is a large task it can also come with an associated price tag and as a result  many ...
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15 March 2017

What is a Brand Guideline?

Many companies know how important developing a strong brand is, but not everybody knows how to maintain one. A great way to ensure brand consistency is by taking the time to develop a brand guideline. Below, we will discuss exactly what that means and why it’s important: What is a Brand Guideline? A brand guideline, also commonly ...
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14 March 2017

5 Signs your Brand identity is Out of Date

At Joie Brands, one of the best branding agencies in Dubai, we believe in making brands more approachable and human. Is your brand making you money? It’s a tough question.
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30 March 2016

Why logo is important in brand design?

It’s no secret that good logo design is crucial for creating impactful branding. When people are able to recognise your brand by simply looking at a visual representation (your logo), you can be confident that you have been successful in creating a brand that is prominent in the marketplace. While it is important to understand that a ...
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