Bringing Medical Evacuation Services to High Risk Locations



RMSI is an international rapid deployment medical and rescue service, specialising in complex and high-risk missions. Through their highly qualified, experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, RMSI Rapid Deployment Medical & Rescue provides round-the-clock medical and emergency response services. Primarily operating in unstable war or conflict affected territories and areas of extreme natural or man-made hazards; their mission is to safeguard the health of a company’s most valuable assets, its people.

RMSI’s success is evidenced by an exhaustive list of clients. These include NGOs, IGO’s such as the United Nations, and coalition military forces including NATO and the US Department of Defense.



RMSI approached Joie Brands with a unique brand architecture problem as well as an urgent need to rebrand. Their existing brand was dated and weak, and needed to be refreshed and stabilised. 

The company had seen significant growth and success and planned for this to continue. They felt that a rebrand would help align the multiple service offerings and improve business - we agreed!



We spent significant time with the owners and key stakeholders in the company to understand their journey and their specific set of personality traits. As a result, we came up with a brand strategy that was similar to the Thunderbirds; the idea that the various characters within the thunderbirds represented different values that RMSI held dear. 

We started to look at each of these traits and perhaps represent each one as a pyramid on a page. The previous logo had the “star of life” in it, and we started to rearrange these pyramids in a way that reflected the “star of life” in the negative space between each pyramid. We developed a simple and effective visual language that was reflected across the brand with a simple colour divider to represent each service offering.

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A refreshed brand architecture adapted to the expansion of the business


The identity was developed to communicate trust and security