So rich, so smooth, so good!

So Soufflé


On a quest for flavour, So Soufflé was birthed to create a product and experience that would wow the mind and satisfy the soul. Their prime focus is on soufflés only. With ingenious creations and numerous approaches to the crafting and delivery of a historical French delicacy, So Soufflé is stepping onto the stage with offerings that will cater to every age and sweet preference thus leaving no one behind.

Upon launching the brand, the client has now expanded to 14 stores across Saudi Arabia within the span of 1 year.

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The client is part of a large Saudi Arabian business conglomerate and through his passion for soufflé wanted to grow the business. We were asked to create a brand that was unique and strong enough to one day lend itself to franchising.

One of the key challenges was to work remotely on the brand with occasional meetings in Dubai.

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We spent a significant amount of time researching the industry and tasting the various soufflé’s - a must for any good strategy campaign. We soon realised that two things jumped out at us, the pure indulgence of the soufflés we were sampling and the fact that a bite into any one of these soufflés resulted in a flow of decadent chocolate that simply oozes across one’s palette triggering all the right endorphins suggesting that the brand has to reflect this smooth indulgence. 

We deliberately kept the visual language very clean with a device that was always a nod to flowing chocolate. The typography was kept bold to represent the delight one experiences when a bite is taken. A secondary typeface that is curved and smooth was used to reflect the smooth flow of chocolate. We loved working on this brand it really is so rich, so smooth and so good!

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The simplicity of the brand assets helps bring out the richness of the food photography

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