Mastering the ‘The art of Tart’

Tart Bakery


2016 will welcome the first Tart Bakery outlet to Dubai’s posh La Mer Jumeirah-1 area. They aim to introduce the concept of modern, French, baked tarts in the city of Dubai. Tart Bakery uses only the authentic kettle boiled recipe for producing tarts.

The bakery’s unique flavors are a product of both; quality ingredients that are carefully sourced from the best locations globally and a level of focus and attention to the creation of each tart.

Time tested traditional and innovative new recipes are used to craft confectionaries and their menu offers a delectable variety of signature cakes, fresh macaroons, party cakes, refreshing drinks, gourmet coffees, teas, scrumptious éclairs and much more...



Joie Brands was tasked with creating a brand that would reflect the artistry involved in crafting a tart. Our client laid emphasis on the need for Tart to pay homage to the golden age of baking when everything was done by hand and Wood-fired ovens.



Our solution was to look at the values that the owners held dear. We noticed that if you remove the first letter of the word “Tart”, we were simply left with “Art”. We loved the idea that the passion our clients had for baking could be translated into a concept as simple as this - that within every tart the bakery produces, there is art. In essence, each tart should in some way resemble the masterpiece that it is. 

In order to reflect this position in the visual language, Joie Brands created a bespoke pattern for Tart Bakery. We believed that any artist would struggle without their tools, such as their paint brush or canvas. Similarly, an artisan baker would struggle without their ingredients such as an egg or flour. We then created a visual pattern to represent these ingredients and celebrate how they come together to produce art.

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The pattern incorporates elements used in the baking of traditional french tarts