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The Courier Co. is a specialised domestic courier solutions provider operating in the United Arab Emirates. They deliver documents and parcels nationwide, efficiently and cost effectively. 

They use the latest technology as a tool but more importantly rely on their single-minded focus on delivery to ensure their commitments are kept.

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We were asked to help with refining some of the naming and to help develop the identity from scratch. The client knew how they were going to reassure their clients that they would be the courier company of choice but needed our help to subtly deliver that message to their client base.

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Joie Brands spent considerable time with the team at The Courier Co. establishing their brand personality. We then coupled that with our own research and came to the understanding that this brand was all about ‘movement’, a higher level of delivery and service excellence. We started to assess that they were about ‘brilliance in motion’.

We used a bold and simplistic logotype solution. 'Courier' has been made the hero so that when viewing the identity from a distance it stands out, thus creating a single-mindedness; a reinforcement of the message that states to the world, that we are good at this. Within the logotype, we used an overlay of the pattern as an effect.

The idea being that each cube and each surface of the cube represents a different challenge to each delivery that The Courier Co. is able to overcome regardless of how varied and different. The prime colours and variety of colours used are a nod to the fact that these challenges are quite simple for The Courier Co. and once again reinstate the idea of brilliance.

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The vibrant colour palette speaks to the diverse nature of the brand, business and stakeholders

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