Infinity Des LumieresCase Study

Infinity Des Lumieres

Leisure & Hospitality

The Brief

Infinity des Lumières had a logo and a company already opened overseas, but with limited brand recall, they needed to develop a brand strong enough to be memorable whilst also not over overpowering the incredible artwork that is housed there. We worked on this brand entirely during lockdown and the brand was worked on remotely, we were even able to launch the brand through the lockdown protocols and attain the success and visitors to the site as the rules started to ease.

The aim of Infinity des Lumières is to re-imagine iconic art in an immersive digital experience in order to evoke rich emotional connections with the art on display.


— Brand Positioning
— Brand Promise
— Visual Identity System
— Marketing Materials
— Launch Campaign
infinity des lumieres


Throughout the experience, Infinity des Lumières wanted to share happiness through these out-of-the-ordinary experiences. We expected visitors to use all their senses to feel every moment and as the brand came to life it used cutting edge technology to get closer to the target audience.

Inspired by the desert, the layered landscape, infinite possibilities and boundless
imaginations, rays of light beam across the 2D layout space, drawing attention to headlines and call-outs. Incisive, energetic and bright, they contrast with the rich, dark photographic imagery.

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