North IslandCase Study

North Island

Leisure & Hospitality

The Brief

Amidst the dancing palms, the silver sands, the golden sunsets and beaches without footprints North Island had undergone a change in ownership and management structure and Joie Brands was tasked with performing an indepth study to ascertain its communication both visual and verbal were in optimum condition. This included extensive research, strategic inputs, naming workshops and a proposed evolution of the brand aimed at retaining the brand equity built over the years whilst allowing for a subtle but much needed polish.


— Brand Positioning
— Brand Promise
— Brand Naming and on-property Naming
— Visual Identity System
— Customer Communication
— Marketing Materials
— Launch Campaign
north island


North island is one of the leading Island destinations in the world. It is a luxury collection brand that defines the destination. Guests at North Island don’t want to do something everyone is doing. They seek the exceptional, the unexpected, the off- the-beaten-track, the unique.

Everything we worked on for North Island was done to ensure guests would perceive its rareness beyond compare with its treasure trove of natural splendours, purity, abundant indigenous fauna and flora, authentic Seychellois hospitality, one-on-one bespoke service personalised at every turn, and ultimate exclusivity and privacy.

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