CancanCase Study



The Brief

Emboldened in local heritage, CanCan delivers an enriching & transformational experience. The traditional method of meeting your kandura tailor, meets the modern retail world. CanCan’s convenient AI tool means that designing a kandora can be done within minutes. Made to measure, CanCan meets your measurements wherever you are.

CanCan is not changing the kandora, it is changing the way you buy it and get it delivered - to handle the complexity so you can enjoy its simplicity.

Unparalleled craftsmanship is delivered to your door. Save time & energy, getting your kandura right the first time. To wear a CanCan kandora is to truly wear it with pride.


— Brand Strategy
— Naming
— Identity
— Visual Language
— Tone of Voice
— Stationery
— Packaging
— Interior Cues & Guidance
— Application & Social Media Communication
— Launch Campaign


The Elegant and confident.

Intelligent and fashionable.

Simple and highly crafted.

This route rubs shoulders with big fashion brands by using distinct and
classically inspired logo with monogram patterning. The letters are formed
of shapes that are bold yet crafted to allow a certain finesse.

The Arabic always works with the English and one can only agree the
bilingual nature of the brandmark stamps its authority on the brand and
allows anyone witnessing the brand a strong brand recall opportunity.

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