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Custom-made for the millennial generation, Coppasta was developed as a casual destination for today's cosmopolitan crowd looking for a unique, inventive and healthy pasta meal.

Joie Brands was tasked to deliver a brand strategy for the brand as well as come up with an inventive name that would speak to the product offering. From brand identity to packaging and retail design, our team developed a cohesive, playful and vibrant brand aligned with the brand's quirky and innovative menu offering.

the human insight

Joie brands assisted our client with developing a brand strategy that revolved around people's desires to be inventive and free to make their own choices.

Inspired by a quirky and innovative menu that allows customers to mix and match ingredients, our brand development around a similar idea of mixing and matching patterns, illustrations and content to create a constantly flexible visual system.

Grab–&–Go Pasta Kitchen

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