MackencoreCase Study


Industry & Infrastructure

The Brief

Mackencore was to be established as a one stop company for shell and core construction with key services in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction. The company will be formed to introduce an innovative formwork system with unprecedented capacity for the construction of superstructures (shell and core).


— Brand Strategy
— Naming
— Identity
— Visual Language
— Tone of Voice
— Stationery
— Menus
— Interior Cues & Guidance
— Application & Communication
— Launch Campaign


The name that was approved was Mackencore, derived from the Arabic Macken meaning of High Status, Exalted combined with their shell and core deliverables.

They aimed to go to market with a new technology and a new way to do formwork, they were quite literally shaping new forms and as a result needed to come across as strong and bold. We developed a visual and communications solution around the idea of shifting perspective. This route was inspired by the elements that compose the formwork system. It employs cubes to tell a multi-dimensional story and combined a vibrant colour palette with a monochromatic imagery style which gave the brand a more nuanced tone.

The custom wordmark takes cues from the cubes themselves. Strength and agility are the intended associations with this visual system.

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