XEJetCase Study



The Brief

We crafted a brand identity for XEJet which set it apart from its competitors while establishing a unique positioning. XEJet needed an identity that would help it get established as a premium player in the luxury travel space and attract the kind of clientele that are looking for exclusive services.

The brand positioning was established through every element of the airline, XEJet was to become synonymous with premium travel for the global citizens. XEJet wanted customers to experience the benefits of a private jet with personalised service within the comfort and safety of a commercial airline. Thus, every aspect of their branding was crucial in developing the brand story.


— Brand Strategy
— Identity
— Visual Language
— Tone of Voice
— Stationery
— Packaging
— Interior Cues & Guidance
— Application & Social Media Communication
— Launch Campaign


For this brand we were quite literally elevating the exquisite and devised a visual devise based around the idea of flow. We started to look at the idea of elevating the exquisite and how we would bring this to the fore. The logo was developed to represent a wing and the pattern that surrounds it has a look at the aerodynamic characteristics of lift. The imagery is designed to be classy and helps uplift luxury. The black and white imagery is a reminder of all things classic. This route is a combination of classic, contemporary, and aeronautical elements.

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