Exploring Without Borders

Rove Hotels


Emaar Hospitality Group owns and manages a diversified portfolio of hospitality assets in Dubai, including hotels, serviced residences, golf retreats, a yacht club, and so much more.

At its core, Emaar Hospitality Group manages three distinctive brands, i.e. The Address Hotels + Resorts, Vida Hotels and Resorts and most recently, Rove Hotels.

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Emaar Hospitality Group set its eyes on bringing forth a contemporary midscale hotel brand to further accentuate the range of offerings within its portfolio.

 Joie Brands was tasked with developing the identity for this midscale hotel brand, targeting the modern, attentive, value-conscious and socially-connected generation of travelers.

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We worked closely with the brilliant team at Emaar Hospitality Group and spent considerable time discovering and defining the world of the modern traveller, a person who embodies the young and the young at heart. We were able to identify our target audience as “Rovers”— international explorers who look to venture away from the mainstream and explore as a local does; someone who absorbs the deep-rooted culture of a city and demands authentic experiences that help deepen their character and enrich their memories. We defined the sort of place a Rover might like to stay at as a space that is modern, cosmopolitan, cultural, a place that is the very essence of the pulse of the city in which it is placed - for the first hotel this city is Dubai.

Rove Hotels represents a global travellers’ basecamp, providing the opportunity to explore, wander or traverse the world. We delivered the identity concept through a tagline ‘Exploring Without Borders’.

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Designed to represent a global traveller's basecamp

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The photography style shows movement and constant activity

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A vibrant colour palette to complement Rover's eclectic taste

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