Let Your Brand Stand Out in 2020

Posted by: {johnwatkinson}. 25.02.2020
Branding Insights - Make your brand stand out 2019
It’s the start of a new year and with that comes an array of resolutions that most people will attempt to achieve — losing weight, eating healthy, becoming more charitable, budgeting and saving. And when it comes to brands, most marketers will have similar intentions related to their products and services.

 We like to start each year by looking at new trends in branding that will pave the way for more powerful and sustainable brands. As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for new methods for supporting your brand’s guidelines and objectives. However, the basics of branding remain the same. In fact, with all the clutter out there, your brand needs a ‘Purpose’ and a well-defined ‘Personality’ now more than ever. And as consumers become aware of the control and power they have over brands today, it’s even more important to understand what they want and how to speak to them.

We’ve put together a list of five tips that we find necessary in helping you nurture your brand in 2020.

1. Be Heard, Loud and Clear!

Brands that are more consumer-centric always need to speak to their audience in a language that appeals to them. To achieve this properly, ‘Tone of Voice’ along with brand personality and brand values need to be well-defined so that your brand can stand out from the crowd. The clutter is a great muffler and can easily drown a brand’s presence. It goes without saying that if you speak clearly and confidently and remain consistent in what you say and do, your audience has no choice but to listen and build trust in the said brand.

2. Influence with Influencers

It’s undeniable; Social Media Influencers remain powerful forces within our Instagram feeds, and especially from a branding perspective. The most important thing to keep in mind is partnering with influencers that align with your message and core values instead of just choosing those with the most followers. As long as their engagement with your product or service is positive, influencers can help cement your brand while increasing your reach and brand loyalty.

3. Adapt; The Future is Now

It’s no secret that digital is the future of communication; many brands have already adapted but you’d be surprised to see how many have yet to join the digital revolution.  By adopting new technology platforms– including everything from social media to augmented reality experiences – you can connect with your audience in more ways than you can imagine. And digital is not just about content; use it to market your brand and optimise your presence. Your reach is no longer limited.

4. Combine and Conquer

‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales’ continued to be isolated roles until not very long ago. More companies now recognise that these silos can be damaging, especially when it comes to brand. By eliminating silos, you can make sure everyone is focused on the same message, strengthening your brand across the public-facing portion of your business. Consistency is key.

5. Think Like a Human

We’ve heard this more and more often in the last few years; brands no longer make the guidelines; consumers do. By understanding what they want and what drives them, you can connect with customers in a meaningful way. And the way we see it, brands are like humans – they have personalities; identities that define their core existence. By humanising your brand, you enable stronger and more relatable consumer engagement. Allow your customers to fall in love with your brand; their loyalty will do wonders.

To conclude, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of continuously working on your brand; nurturing it and adapting it to fit the needs of today’s markets and consumer needs.

We hope these five basic brand tips can help you set your brand in the right direction in 2020. We continue to stress the importance of defining a brand strategy that outlines your brand’s purpose for existence and your core promise to your customers; it remains the surest path to success and sustainability.

Go forth and conquer!