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Launched 25 years ago in the United Arab Emirates, the Electra brand has grown to become synonymous with providing the framework for some of the largest and most talked-about corporate events and exhibitions in the UAE, GCC and Europe.

In an effort to elevate the brand's image, Joie Brands was tasked with auditing the existing brand and in recommending a strategic way forward that was eventually reflected through a thorough rebranding exercise.

The human insight

The Electra brand, although around for more than two decades, continued to face the challenge of being perceived as an "events management agency" due to a disjointed brand architecture and misleading nomenclature.

To alleviate this confusion, our team devised a new naming structure
and repositioned the brand as a one-stop solutions provider with a team
of well-orchestrated project managers and workers.

The visual identity is a representation of this internal harmony and a fresh
take on Electra's diverse solutions.
"Impressive events need an impressive look."

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