Vida Hotels and Resorts

Leisure & Hospitality.
As part of Emaar Hospitality Group's strategy to expand the Vida Hotels and Resorts brand locally and regionally, Joie Brands was tasked to examine the brand and re-envision it for today's guests.

The objective was to carefully identify and rectify any gaps within the brand's positioning and present a refreshed brand identity based on these findings that could also apply to the new residences offering.

The Human Insight

By conducting a thorough Brand Audit of the hotel space, marketing material and hotel amenities, the Joie Brands team was able to identify a multitude of inconsistencies within the brand's visual representation and communication style.

The challenge was to retain the brand's tag-line of 'Alive and Inspired' which appeared to contain heavy equity, and re-align the brand's position, personality and values to it, bringing the idea of 'Life' back into the brand.
"Alive and inspired."

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