27 September 2017

How Much Does a New Logo Cost?

 A logo is a key element of a brand’s identity, however it’s only a small part of your overall brand. It can be creative, fun, business-like, and tell a story without actually having to tell your story. A good logo, adds value to your brand’s creative expression and is usually the first thing a customer or potential customer sees.
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20 September 2017

How to Choose the Right Colour Palette for ...

 We typically find that businesses choose their colours based on the owner’s and marketing teams’ personal preferences. As a branding agency in Dubai we strongly believe that there needs to be more to it than just picking the colour you like. Ideally, your colour will align closely with your brand strategy and ‘personality’. Care and ...
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17 September 2017

The Importance of Brand Guardianship

Many companies operate without an understanding of the concept of brand guardianship, or even who the guardians of the brand should be. Learn how your can implement these basic principles in your organization in order to strengthen your brand and reaffirm your principles.
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16 September 2017

Brand identity Creation. Will branding ...

A little secret that many business owners forget is that your brand should be at the centre of everything you do. Every design element, every marketing decision, how you assist customers, how you connect with people, how you employ, even which products to purchase; it all stems from your brand.
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